Fearless Filming

Effortless Video for Entrepreneurs | taught by Erin Shebish

Course description

It's absolutely not surprising that video is making a splash for marketers all over the internet.

People are watching more and more videos. In fact, 90% say that watching videos helps them make decisions about purchases and more.

What is crazy is how many people are worried about jumping into the world of video marketing.

Whether you're a small business owner, a blogger, a coach or any other online entrepreneur, you absolutely need to include video in your marketing strategy.

But don't worry, it's so easy.

In Fearless Filming, I'll show you how to create amazing videos quickly and easily. We'll cover everything from your video presence to the very last editing detail.

Once you've completed Fearless Filming, you'll be ready to create beautiful videos every time.

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Erin Shebish
Erin Shebish
Success Mindset Coach

Erin Shebish is a certified success mindset coach with a passion for helping women overcome obstacles to create a business and life they absolutely love. She offers private coaching, group trainings and e courses to reach her goal of helping women create the success and fulfillment they want and deserve.

She’s been working online for 7 years; managing multiple blogs, teaching classes and leading online communities. When she’s not working, you can find Erin at home with her husband, three sons and menagerie of pets.